Franchising Options

If you are looking to launch your own cannabis related business. Then take a look at our franchising models that we are offering through LED Tech Store, Canna Grow and 420 Market.

Choosing the right business model for you is much easier to understand with our franchising options. We offer several options that cover a variety of different sectors of the cannabis industry. Let us help you grow your Cannabusiness today.

To learn more about our franchising options listed below, please contact us ( to book an appointment.

All In One Franchise – With 420 Market 

We offer individual franchises available for each company that has been listed below. Additionally, we are offering a franchise model that encapsulates all of our franchising options into a one-stop 420 Market superstore.

Our all-in-one franchising option with a 420 Market Store includes the following services:

  • Grow equipment sales
  • Offer equipment leasing to commercial accounts
  • Vaporizer and smoking accessory sales
  • Access to pre-established wholesale and distributor relationships to give you access to the best products at the best prices.
  • Medical patient prescriptions, personal ACMPR licensing, consulting and renewals
  • Equipment rentals – trimmers, lighting, extraction
  • Equipment installation services
  • Training programs and classes for growing cannabis, oil extraction, cooking with cannabis and more.



420 Market

420 Market has been designed to be Canada’s premier retail store for high quality vaporizers, smoking accessories and cultivation equipment. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the latest and greatest products on the market and quality customer service to match. We are one of the first head shops to offer quality grow lights, tents and other cultivation equipment.

We will help you save money and time by providing access to wholesale products from the best manufacturers of vaporizers, smoking accessories and grow equipment on the market. Contact us today to learn more about building your future with a 420 Market franchise. 

Canna Grow

Canna Grow is a platform that assists entrepreneurs and patients with the process of applying to grow their own medical cannabis or build their own cultivation business.

For Patients:

Canna Grow offers services to help potential patients in the process of obtaining their medical cannabis licensing. We work with our patients to book appointments with medical practitioners who are experienced with cannabis.

Once the doctor has issued the medical prescription that is best suited for our patients, we then proceed to assist our patients with the paperwork that is required when applying to cultivate their own personal medical cannabis under ACMPR. We believe it is important that each patient is allowed to grow their own medicine that way they have total control over how it is produced.

With our team of cannabis consultants who are experienced growers under ACMPR or MMAR, we offer growing advice and techniques throughout the growing season to help our patients grow a quality medicinal product.

For Entrepreneurs 

Canna Grow works with entrepreneurs and new business owners to build their cannabis cultivation business. It can be difficult to understand the legal framework and requirements that are associated with becoming a licensed producer or micro cultivation facility for cannabis.

We work with our clients from start to finish to help build a successful cultivation company.

We assist with:

  • Sourcing a cultivation facility.
  • Assist in filing legal documents and providing an understanding of the legal framework.
  • Acquire equipment.
  • Train your staff how to grow cannabis with our team of master growers.

Canna Grow can help you build your cultivation company and is an excellent support system that helps ensure the success of your “Cannabusiness”.

LED Tech Store

LED Tech Store is a supply and distribution platform for the best quality grow equipment and supplies. With access to almost every cultivation product that is available on the market, LED Tech Store is an excellent one-stop shop for any cultivation equipment that you need. We work with our clients to help design their grow space and work with them to build a cultivation room that suits their budget.

If you are wanting to build a successful equipment sales and supply business, choose LED Tech Store. We help you save time by providing access to pre-established distributor relationships. We provide you with wholesale pricing on the top of the line manufacturers of grow equipment.


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